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What Kind of Site To Make

Bunches of membership sites fail miserably. Bunches bring in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. If you […]

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Why a Tiered Membership System Works So Well for Membership Sites

A membership site is essentially any website that makes its income from a recurring fee charged to its users. First, you get them interested and build trust by demonstrating what great content you can create. Then you place your very best content behind a pay wall, make sure they know about it and wait for them to bite! But now you have to make a decision: how much do you charge? Do you charge a high price, thereby valuing your membership highly and making it all the […]

Verifying the Market so Your Membership Blog Simply Cannot Fail

One very important tip when creating any digital product, service or anything else is to verify the market before you invest too much time or money. In other words, make sure that someone is out there who wants to buy what you’re selling before you spend a thousand dollars building it! This sounds like obvious advice but it’s something that 90% of bloggers and creators don’t think to do. The problem here is that they assume that if they think something is a good idea, so too […]

Understanding Human Psychology in Order to Sell More Memberships

When you’re selling a membership, you’re essentially fighting an up-hill struggle. As great as your website and your content might be, the reality is unfortunately that you’re offering a tough proposition: you’re inviting people to pay for something that they normally get for free. They can read millions of blogs across the net for free right now, or they can pay for yours. They’ve never heard of you before and they likely don’t trust you not to run off with their money. It makes you wonder how […]

Some Great Examples of Alternative Membership Sites and Tools

When you think ‘membership site’, you probably think of a typical ‘content mill’ that provides privileged access to blog content for a set fee. This method can work well but ultimately, it’s only one way that you can make money from a recurring fee using a website or other digital content. Here are some more adventurous business model examples that you can take inspiration from. Headspace ( Headspace can be used through the app or through the website and is simply a selection of guided meditations for […]